Bright Pixel

We're a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers and investors, whose goal is to transform two key things: the way companies address innovation and how new ventures are put together.

The Labs Team is developing and prototyping solutions for emerging technologies by working closely with industry leaders in retail, telco, cyber-security and media industries.

Nurture your starting business with our keen tech insight. Work side by side with Bright Pixel’s best developers.

We keep a close eye on new businesses that operate on the uncharted waters of emerging technologies. Our mission is to support them with early stage funding.

Bright Pixels culture is a collective result, combination of talent and mindset of every team member. This is where ideas come to life.


When uncertainty proves right

The Labs Team thrives in highly demanding environments, where critical thinking, creativity and fast iterative execution are crucial.

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We build projects and transform companies.

Our Lifecycle


  • Defining the problem.
  • Defining the proof of concept.
  • What's the time window we have available?
  • What are the results we're expected to deliver?


  • Implement the agile methodology of choice.
  • Execute the experiment.
  • Measure, adjust, repeat.
  • Report the progress.
  • Deliver the project.


  • Analyze the results.
  • Act on the results and findings.
  • Spawn a new project or product, or
  • Create a new, adjusted, experiment, or
  • Close the project.

What we do

  • Systems architecture

    Designing of simple, highly scalable, cost-efficient, maintainable, secure and modular architectures for technical platforms.

  • Hardware prototyping

    We're capable of building small runs of hardware base prototypes using electronics combined with digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing, CNC milling, and silicone molding.

  • Web development

    Full stack web development using microservices and APIs, frameworks like NodeJS, Python, Elixir, (Native)ReactJS, NoSQL databases, Redis, Spark and other cloud-based services.

  • Design

    Design and web design. Building brands, identity guidelines, graphical materials, DOM and CSS assets, fluid mobile responsive interfaces, interactive visualizations.

  • Usability and UX

    Conceptualizing website and application's user experiences: storytelling, mockups, information architecture, navigation, and usability.

  • Cyber-security

    Web application security assessments with diagnosis and how to fix, best practices, policy guides, training, vulnerability management.

  • Emerging technologies

    Exploring emerging technologies and using different approaches to business challenges. Experience with machine learning, Blockchain, VR, natural language and computer vision.

  • Technical Due Diligences

    Our diverse know-how and the experienced team at Bright Pixel puts us in a privileged position to examine, diagnose and advise technology-based businesses and report on their platforms with a unique in-depth perspective.

Get in touch

Get a fresh perspective on the future of Your industry.

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Some of the companies we're working with

  • Continente
  • Dott
  • Público
  • Worten
  • Bit
  • S21sec
  • NOS
  • TAP Portugal
  • Movvo
  • Governo de Portugal


We stand on the shoulders of our partners and their best-in-class products and services in the Labs. They help us accelerate our experimentation process and move faster.

  • Sonae IM

    SonaeIM is an IT corporate venturing-company, aiming to manage and build a portfolio of worldclass tech-based companies linked to retail and telecommunications. They're also Bright Pixel's investor, which means we create a lot of synergies on evaluating opportunities, finding clients for the Labs and accessing co-investors.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft has partnered with us since day one. Bright Pixel is one of the top 200 global incubators qualified for the BizPark Plus program. Our startups have access to hundreds of Microsoft software packages, Azure cloud infrastructure, and free support.

  • NOS

    NOS put together a discounted communications plan for our startups, provided our headquarters' building with 1Gbit/s symmetric fiber Internet access and access to their IPTV platform, not to mention direct access to C-level executives and sales teams inside the organization.

  • Cisco

    Cisco powers Bright Pixel's startups with access and support to their Devnet API portal, training, amazing Wifi infrastructure in our building -- using their Meraki platform -- and Cisco Spark video conferencing equipment for our remote meetings.

Start me up

When ideas turn into businesses

Take advantage of our omnipresence in the emerging technology markets and the experience that comes with it.

Build the right product and define a suitable go-to-market strategy with us.

We embrace the fact that most of the entrepreneurs are on different pages of a similar story.

Bottom line is to build a successful business.

insert coin


Insert Coin program turns humble beginnings into thriving ventures.

Start me up means taking the first step towards a goal. If your goal is to found a successful business, but you don’t have the idea or resources, Insert Coin has both. If you have an idea, someone to walk with and you need a support system with a lot of space for freedom and creativity, Insert Coin has it too.

insert coin


Elevate your MVP and take your startup to the next level.

You had an idea, assembled a team, developed one of first versions of your product and now you’re a little stuck. You either need financial support, a top-notch tech support or you don’t know what you need. Either way, we can help.



You can't talk about entrepreneurship and startups in Portugal without mentioning Beta-i. Bright Pixel is proudly and deeply collaborating with their Lisbon Challenge, a pre-seed acceleration program that funds 10k for 1.5% equity, to help startups build and launch their product in 10 weeks, and Lisbon Investment Summit event.

StartUp Braga

Founded in 2014, Startup Braga is designed to assist the inception and development of high potential entrepreneurial projects for international markets. We are collaborating with the 5th edition of Startup Braga acceleration program.

EGI Booster

Located in Barcelona, EGI Booster is a vertical acceleration program for early stage startups. Its focus is on SaaS e-commerce/e-retail industry verticals targeting European ambitious B2B solutions.


We stand on the shoulders of our partners and their professional products and services. They help us take our startups and MVPs to the next level.

Sonae IM

SonaeIM is an IT corporate venturing-company, aiming to manage and build a portfolio of world-class tech-based companies linked to retail and telecommunications. They're also Bright Pixel's investor, which means we create a lot of synergies on evaluating opportunities, finding clients for the Labs and accessing co-investors.

Amazon Web Services

Bright Pixel offers AWS Activate credits to our startups, as part of the perks. AWS Activate is a program designed to provide your startup with the resources you need to get started on AWS.


Cisco powers Bright Pixel's startups with access and support to their Devnet API portal, training, amazing Wifi infrastructure in our building -- using their Meraki platform -- and Cisco Spark video conferencing equipment for our remote meetings.


Invoice Express is everyone's favorite invoicing software for startups and SMBs in Portugal. Rupeal offers 6 months of their "Grande" plan for free, to any of our incubated companies.


NOS put together a discounted communications plan for our startups, provided our headquarter's building with 1Gbit/s symmetric fiber Internet access and access to their IPTV platform, not to mention direct access to C-level executives and sales teams inside the organization.


Priberam is the leading partner for language technology in Portugal. Their lab team conducts applied and exploratory R&D in the areas of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.


Investment is the third Bright Pixel pillar that leverages the tech expertise and properly validates investment opportunities. Our mission is to mitigate risks, launch startups and prepare them to scale.

Let us know about your funding round.

We believe that a good start significantly influences the growth rate of a business and its overall success.


Our Investment Management Team and the Investment Committee have years of proven experience in the market by successfully building and selling companies along with managing global technology-based investment funds.



Web application vulnerability scanning suite for agile teams

Probely automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services. Companies can cost effectively request scans of web applications and manage the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities found in a sleek and intuitive web interface.

  • Founded2016
  • StageGrowth
  • ThemeCybersecurity
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Probely

Eat Tasty

Delicious food, from your neighborhood

Food network orchestrator focuses on empowering home cooks. EatTasty will bring to our daily lives the taste and recollection of authentic home cooked food, wherever we are and regardless of our ability to cook.

  • Founded2016
  • StageGrowth
  • ThemeAdditional Investment
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Eat Tasty

Transforming Retail Through AI

Track economic indicators, promotions, discounts and allocation between stores to optimize prices, stock management and supply chain.

  • Founded2017
  • StagePilot
  • ThemeRetail
  • HQPortugal
Get to know


Online Advertising made simple.

All-in-one free online advertising platform aiming at small advertisers all over the world.

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeAdditional Investment
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Advertio

Continuum Security

We help you design, build and manage the security of your software solutions.

Automated threat modelling integrating security at development stage through a questionnaire-based for development teams.

  • Founded2015
  • StageGrowth
  • ThemeCybersecurity
  • HQSpain
Get to know Continuum Security


Leader in JavaScript Application security for web and mobile applications.

Highly innovative security products to protect Web and Mobile Applications. Its flagship product is the leader in JavaScript Application Security, trusted by more than 30,000 companies and individuals.

  • Founded2014
  • StageGrowth
  • ThemeCybersecurity
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Jscrambler


Sensei is a solution that redefines retail by removing all friction from stores and turning them autonomous and checkout-free.

Through an integrated system of cameras and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Sensei enables a new era of autonomous stores able to capture in-store product data and shoppers’ activities.

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeRetail Tech
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Sensei

Place me

Location intelligence for sales prediction.

Placeme is an online tool that predicts location sales potential and analyzes omnichannel customer journeys, helping you to create a winning sales strategy.

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeRetail Tech
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Place me


Open innovation platform connecting innovators and corporates.

Open Innovation Platform that allows corporates to challenge and award the community (startups, academia, innovators / entrepreneurs).

This project is also supported by Portugal 2020
  • Founded2018
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeAdditional Investment
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Taikai


Habit helps the world's largest insurers understand their customers.

Habit aggregates and analyzes data from IoT devices, smart phones, and contextual data sources to extract consumer insights which enable new services and data-driven decision making.

  • Founded2018
  • StageGrowth
  • ThemeIoT
  • HQU.S.A.
Get to know Habit


Your management platform for all your retail techs.

Streamline the use and adoption of an increasing number of technology solutions by organizing your technology environment on one single platform and empowering your retail teams in managing these solutions!

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeRetail Tech
  • HQFrance
Get to know Beamy


Improve your business with AI Virtual Employees

Reduce customer service costs while increasing staff productivity by automating customer service tasks using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeRetail Tech
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Automise


Software-defined remote access and security

Fyde helps companies with an increasingly distributed workforce mitigate breach risk by enabling secure access to critical enterprise resources for their employees, partners, contractors and outsourcers.

  • Founded2017
  • StagePilot
  • ThemeCybersecurity
  • HQUnited States of America
Get to know Fyde


The new standard in influencer marketing

Sway enables effortless communication and collaboration between all stakeholders involved in any influencer marketing project.

  • Founded2017
  • StageTraction
  • ThemeAdditional Investment
  • HQPortugal
Get to know Sway

Ventures Team

Bright Ventures' team combines a unique background in top-level management, software, product development, entrepreneurship, investments, venture capital and consulting, with several decades of experience in the telecom, media, retail and technology industries.

Celso Martinho

Celso Martinho



Alexandre Santos

Alexandre Santos



Benjamin Junior

Benjamin Junior



Marcos Azeredo

Marcos Azeredo



Frederico Santos

Frederico Santos



Pedro Vieira

Pedro Vieira

Investment Committee


Nuno Gonçalves Pedro

Nuno Gonçalves Pedro

Investment Committee


Epifânio da Franca

Epifânio da Franca

Investment Committee




  • Capital5,2M€
  • Bright Ventures2.8M€ (52%)
  • Public Contribution2,4M€ (48%)
  • Capital Invested€1,5M
  • Public EntityIFD (COMPETE 2020)
  • TargetProjects in the start-up phase and reinforcement of entrepreneurial capacity building of Portuguese technology-based SMEs.

  • RegionNorte, Centro e Alentejo
  • Companies Invested, Sensei,, Sway, Placeme, Habit, Automaise
  • Created on Sep / 2017. To be settled by 2027
  • Capital2,4M€
  • Bright Ventures1,2M€ (50%)
  • Public Contribution1,2M€ (50%)
  • Capital Invested€0
  • Public EntityIFD (PO CENTRO)
  • TargetProjects under development (second round) of new products and/or services focused on innovation based on the enhancement of business capacity building of Portuguese technology-based SMEs.
  • RegionCenter
  • Companies Invested 
  • Created on Sep / 2017. To be settled by 2027
Fundo de Capital e Quase Capital Centro 2020 Compete 2020 Portugal 2020 União Europeia - Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional


An accident of genes

Bright Pixel remains close to the talent ecosystem by actively supporting it. Organizing events, from small-scale meetups to the biggest hackathon in Portugal - Pixels Camp, is fundamental to spark Bright Pixel’s questioning culture. Ultimately, fostering new ways of approaching innovation in tech attracts the best to collaborate with us.

We're hiring!

At Bright Pixel we're striving to build a culture of transparency, communication and merit to promote the highest possible levels of creativity and innovation.


Company’s culture is a byproduct of people who work here, together. Get to know us!

Alexandre Santos Alexandre Santos

Alexandre Santos


Ana Pascoal Ana Pascoal

Ana Pascoal

Product Analyst

André Cruz André Cruz

André Cruz

Software Engineer

Anton Lazarenko Anton Lazarenko

Anton Lazarenko

Software Engineer

Benjamim Alves Benjamim Alves

Benjamim Alves

Software Engineer

Benjamin Junior Benjamin Junior

Benjamin Junior

BizDev & Funding

Carlos Rodrigues Carlos Rodrigues

Carlos Rodrigues

Software Engineer

Celso Martinho Celso Martinho

Celso Martinho

CEO & Founder

Cláudio Gamboa Cláudio Gamboa

Cláudio Gamboa

Software Engineer

David Silva David Silva

David Silva

Investment Analyst

Frederico Santos Frederico Santos

Frederico Santos


Isa Costa Isa Costa

Isa Costa


José Alves José Alves

José Alves

Software Engineer

João Beltrão João Beltrão

João Beltrão


João Fernandes João Fernandes

João Fernandes

Project Manager

João Sil João Sil

João Sil


Lucas Santos Lucas Santos

Lucas Santos

Software Engineer

Marcos Azeredo Marcos Azeredo

Marcos Azeredo

Investment Analyst

Miguel Carvalho Miguel Carvalho

Miguel Carvalho

Software Engineer

Márcio Martins Márcio Martins

Márcio Martins

Software Engineer

Mário Rivotti Mário Rivotti

Mário Rivotti

Software Engineer

Nuno Jesus Nuno Jesus

Nuno Jesus

Software Engineer

Nuno Loureiro Nuno Loureiro

Nuno Loureiro


Nuno Pereira Nuno Pereira

Nuno Pereira

Software Engineer

Pedro Rodrigues Pedro Rodrigues

Pedro Rodrigues

Software Engineer

Ricardo Malta Ricardo Malta

Ricardo Malta

Software Engineer

Rui Duarte Rui Duarte

Rui Duarte

Software Engineer

Saúl Henriques Saúl Henriques

Saúl Henriques

Product Manager

Sofia Cardita Sofia Cardita

Sofia Cardita

Data Engineer

Telmo Rodrigues Telmo Rodrigues

Telmo Rodrigues

Software Engineer

Yafeni Neto Yafeni Neto

Yafeni Neto

QA Engineer

Job openings


Blockchain Engineer

Company: Bright Pixel Labs

Will be involved in R&D and developing projects using blockchain technologies (eg. Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric). Should be knowledgeable in both the soft aspects of building a blockchain solution (eg. market incentives), as well as the underlying blockchain technology itself. Must be able to code smart contracts with security and reliability in mind, in Solidity and/or Go.


We have a pitch too

Bright Pixel redefines the standard approach to business and cultivates a model that tackles the ever changing nature of technology. We are transforming two key things: the way companies address innovation and how new ventures are put together.

How we came to be

Bright Pixel was born on the 20th of April, 2016.

We're a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers, and investors. Our background and connections derive from the Web and Telecommunication industries. Two decades of shaping the Portuguese Internet left us with a deeply ingrained notion that rules change daily, business and otherwise.

Our three-step, distinctive venture builder model starts with developing projects in the enterprise area, the Labs. It allies our technical proficiency with strong ties to the market. As a result, we’re operating a powerful and responsive ideation tool, that mitigates many of the early stage venture risks and creates compelling synergies for the Start me up and Investment stages.

Today, at Bright Pixel, we are uniquely positioned to work with industry leaders in the retail, telco and media businesses, the growing startup ecosystem, universities, and other investors from around the world.


Are you looking for the most relevant calendar of business events in Portugal? Register to Bright Pixel’s hosted events.

Find yourself lost in inspiring, bleeding edge topics in areas like technology, design, investment and entrepreneurship. Stay up to date with our recommendations. We regularly curate a list of go-to events in the Portuguese startup ecosystem.


Pixels Camp is a three days non-stop event targeted at creative minds. It packs a coding contest where teams will pitch their projects on stage, hundreds of talks addressing emerging technologies and fun activities like the Tech Quiz, Nuclear Tacos or Presentation Karaoke.

Pixels Camp is community driven, custom tailored specifically for those who attend the event. Based on their bios and previous work evidence, the curators aim at selecting the best, most participative and motivated programmers and creatives to attend the event.

We thrive to give our participants an unforgettable experience. Content and projects are exciting, but fun activities at Pixels Camp are an important part of the show. Nerdy ones, of course.

Pixels Camp is a yearly technology cult event spanning over three days of non-stop technical talks, workshops and coding.” devia ser “Pixels Camp is a yearly technology cult event spanning over three days of non-stop technical talks, workshops and coding

For sixty hours straight, 1.000 participants enjoy world-class presentations, demos, community events and its classic 48-hour coding competition.

In all Pixels Camp Editions


Pixels Camp is already one of the largest European free video content repositories online. We video recorded and edited every single talk at Pixels Camp and then made them available in the Pixels Camp YouTube Channel.

Check the video archive

Other events in the past

We participate in other events, and in the past we have been involved in these events:

Open Source Camp

The first Open Source Development Conference organized by Microsoft Portugal and powered by Bright Pixel is now a reality!

We know it’s very, very hard for some of you to believe it, but… this isn’t the Oscars and “This is not a joke!”.

Yes, Microsoft has big love for Open Source. So much that they are the largest corporate contributor to open source software on GitHub.

This camp is about deep content and incredible technology so the agenda was built with more than 25 sessions on topics such as Docker, Blockchain, .NET Core, ElasticSearch, Linux, Bots, React, Kubernetes, Serverless and others.

Open Source Camp

Lisbon Maker Faire

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. The original Maker Faire event took place in San Mateo, CA and in 2014 celebrated its ninth annual show with some 1.000+ maker exhibits and 120.000+ people in attendance.

In 2016, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Bright Pixel and the Lisbon City Hall organized the 3rd edition of the Lisbon Maker Faire, the biggest event and showcase for the Maker’s community in Portugal.

Lisbon Maker Faire

Lisbon Investment Summit

Lisbon Investment Summit is Europe’s surprisingly informal and slightly unexpected startup conference. We bring together top investors, entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world.

The event is known for casually creating unique networking opportunities, unlike bigger conferences, and real investment opportunities. Be part of #LIS17 and get to know Lisbon’s growing tech scene.

Bright Pixel will be proudly sponsoring this year's edition.

Lisbon Investment Summit

Lisbon Challenge

Lisbon Challenge is a pre-seed accelerator based in Lisbon that helps startups build and launch their product in 10 weeks.

The program brings on experienced entrepreneurs and market experts to mentor startups, giving the structure they need to grow a solid founding team, and helping them define the roadmap for product market fit.

It all starts with a boot camp. A one week intensive and immersive program to prepare teams to pitch their startups to the investment committee for the final selection.

Lisbon Challenge

Insert Coin

insert coin

Are you ready?

insert coin

Insert Coin is a Bright Pixel program that helps entrepreneurs thrive.

It tackles all the stages of a startup cycle.

Beginning with ideation, moving forward to execution and investment. Success or not, always ending with a lesson learned.

Work your way through it with our help along the way. Are you up for the challenge?

Choose the idea


The idea

Put your thinking cap on.

Ideas are only worth what you make of them. Execution is key.

You have the drive to be an entrepreneur, but you're short on the inspiration?

We prepared a list for you.

Let´s Play

Build the idea

Choose the idea

It's time to build your MVP and test it with real customers. We can help you with:

  • Office space

  • Designers

  • IT Tools

  • Tech support

  • Legal Support

  • infra-structure

  • coffee machine

  • Testbed with clients

level up

Level up

Fundraising time

Take it to the next level and unleash your product’s full potential.
Our fund works like financial muscle, supporting your early-stage funding.
game over

Game over


Everybody fucks up. It’s part of the learning process. Share your experience and listen to fellow entrepreneurs.

One rule:
Don’t blame anyone but yourself.
hall of fame

hall of fame

No guts, no glory

Consider this the ultimate list of advisors and mentors.

It’s where we give our kudos to fearless startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Nozomi, Neodomus
  • Bora
  • Kinematix
  • Mobitto
  • Eduke.Me

Let’s talk about turning an idea into a successful business .


Bright Pixel Rua da Emenda, N. 19 1200-169 Lisboa
Bright Pixel Reactor Hub Rua Lionesa, Leça do Balio 4465-671 Porto
  • Designação do projetoTAIKAI : Marketplace de Inovação Descentralizado
  • Códigos do projeto LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-038453 e POCI-01-0247-FEDER-038516
  • Objetivo principalReforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação
  • Regiões de intervenção Lisboa e Norte
  • Entidade beneficiária BRIGHT DEVELOPMENT STUDIO, S.A.
  • Data de aprovação 2019-05-06 e -2019-04-30
  • Data de início 2018-03-01
  • Data de conclusão 2020-02-28
  • Custo total elegível por PO 243.221,67 EUR e 146.213,71 EUR
  • Apoio financeiro da União Europeia por PO FEDER 97.288,67 EUR e 65.279,14 EUR

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados/atingidos

O TAIKAI pretende desenvolver uma nova solução online para criação e configuração de competições baseada no blockchain e assim promover de uma forma inovadora a transmissão e armazenamento de dados decorrentes de sistemas de votação em eventos (corporativos, associativos ou sociais) competitivos. A solução tecnológica a desenvolver no âmbito deste projeto usando modelos de data science permitirá registar e trocar informações de forma permanente, eficiente e segura por toda a rede de atores envolvidos, ao mesmo tempo que estará a contribuir para estimular a criatividade, o empreendedorismo e a criação de novos modelos de negócio.

Investment Analysis More ideas...

Investment Analysis

An AI that would score your VC fund investments

Venture Capital, Risk Analysis

The problem

The analysis of the investment in startups in early stage is still made in an old fashioned way and some of the parameters used in the evaluation are subjective.

The solution

Use the power of Big Data to understand key factors that may differentiate a good and a bad investment. Compare the performance of founders, geography, pioneers vs followers and find out any other factors that may overlooked but important when selecting a startup.
Can also be used to rate VC portfolios

Profiles required to build MVP

Data scientist, frontend, backend

Market size

$46B in 2017

Tags with technologies