Bright Pixel Capital

We have the power of transformational change across our DNA sectors: cybersecurity, retail technologies and infrastructure software.

Envisioned as the tech investment arm of Sonae Group, a Portuguese multinational with a diversified portfolio of innovative brands, Bright Pixel Capital (former Sonae IM), has invested over 250M€ in the first 5 years in more than 50 direct investments and will continue on this path using our expertise to spot unique opportunities with the potential to change an industry.

We create deep and meaningful relationships with founders, co-investors, and other stakeholders, acting as a partner that brings specialized know-how, global footprint and a wealth of experience in helping companies from early stage to IPO.

We are financially driven, and oriented to make businesses grow, prosper, and increase their value. Working with Bright Pixel Capital means accessing a group of dedicated and experienced professionals, with incomparable knowledge of each investment vertical.



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