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May 2023 has raised €35M in a new round of financing, a record amount for a European cybersecurity company in Series A

This confidence granted by Banque des Territoires and Bright Pixel allows to continue its expansion and to develop its international footprint.


Jornal Público – P24

June 2017 SONAE Jornal Público - P24 Público has long been in the forefront of digital innovation: in the early years of the internet, our newspaper was the sixth all over the world to go online, early in 1995; and also one of the first to have a dedicated newsroom creating news online, since 1998. We are now claiming back that legacy and maximizing our efforts to develop an innovative approach regarding news products. As such, when Google announced that it was funding innovation efforts in media all over Europe with its brand new programme DNI, we took the chance. We won the first round, also the second and are now competing for the third. The project that won the first round (and a grant over 500k€) is P24, already fully functional on our website. P24 is an innovative approach to audio news and personalization, because it consists on a...
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June 2017 SONAE ShopView2Market Amongst the challenges faced by retailers all over the world, two have a huge impact on the P&L: Out-of-Stocks - 25% percent of 8.3% global out-of-stocks are caused by poor shelf management (Source: ‘Retail Out-of-Stocks: A Worldwide Examination of Extent, Causes and Consumer Responses’ –GMA & FMI Study) Planogram (POG) compliance - non-compliance corresponds to ~1% of gross product sales that can be translated in to a lost sales of $10 to $15 billion of total $1.5 trillion sales (Source: Studies from T__he ISI Sharegroup and National Association for Retail Merchandising Services -NARMS) Verification of compliance with pre-defined store and shelf layouts is a recurrent activity performed by retailers at each store through a manual and time-consuming process. Wrong product placement and out-of-stock scenarios are a cause of diminishing revenues, contractual penalties with suppliers and decreasing consumer satisfaction. To address these challenges, WeDo Technologies, in partnership...
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Cybersecurity: It is all about People

May 2017 CYBERSECURITY Cybersecurity: It is all about People Cyber security is in the spotlight, we all know that. The latest massive ransomware attack WannaCry that affected over 150,000 computers in more than 150 countries, the mega breaches of Yahoo, which affected 500 million accounts and the subsequent revealed breach just a few months after that affected 1 billion accounts, the crazy DDoS attacks bringing down sites including Twitter, the Guardian, Netflix, Reddit, CNN and many others in Europe as result of the cyber-attack to DNS provider Dyn. These are just some examples of attacks that became public, most of them never reach the news. According to a study of FireEye, an estimated 97% of businesses have been breached. Over the past five years, the number of publicly traded Cybersecurity point solution vendors has more than doubled. A report of July 2016 from CB Insights stats that $10.9 billion was...
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