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November 2022

Probely raises 7.7 million euros in Series A round

Probely, the premier cloud-based dynamic application security testing solution, closed a 7.7 million euros Series A round.


Several key moments in 16 years of history

September 2016 SONAE Several key moments in 16 years of history In 2000, Saphety was totally different from what it is today. During this period, there were mergers, acquisitions, the creation of new business units and respective product development. Also, some segments were discontinued as its interest decreased – in the light of company’s strategic focus – and the company began its internationalization. Over time, Saphety had several key moments that determined its course, especially in the last six years. The acquisition of Softlimits “electronic markets” business area in 2010 was the turning point, which completely transformed Saphety’s strategy. The company then decided to clearly focus on Electronic Document Exchange and Electronic Invoicing, by replacing the already implemented base by the new product. This was a project estimated for six months that ended up being completed pursuant to customer’s needs. Rui Fontoura, Saphety’s CEO, says it was a bold decision...
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Sonae IM invests in InovRetail

July 2016 RETAIL TECHNOLOGIES Sonae IM invests in InovRetail Sonae IM, Sonae’s Corporate Venture Capital, has just announced the investment in InovRetail, becoming a reference shareholder in the technology startup. InovRetail’s core business is focused on advanced analytics tools, aiming to assist retailers in improving their performance, by making more informed decisions. Sonae IM will play a decisive role in supporting InovRetail to become a global data analytics reference for retailers. InovRetail’s solutions allow retailers to adjust their offer and increase sales by processing their data, as well as in making highly reliable predictions. Moreover, these tools will create opportunities for retailers to improve their customers’ in-store experience. Over 500 reference retailers’ stores have implemented InovRetail solutions, in diverse segments such as sports, consumer electronics, fashion, food, among others. Sonae IM believes that InovRetail’s distinctive and innovative positioning, together with the quality of the management team, is key in turning...
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The real difference between normal and corporate Venture Capitals

June 2016 SONAE The real difference between normal and corporate Venture Capitals This is the first part of a 3-part blog post called “The real difference between normal and corporate Venture Capitals”. One of the questions we get asked a lot when we meet entrepreneurs as well as other VC’s is “What is a Corporate VC? In what ways do you differ from the regular ones?” Venture Capital firms span a wide range. They go from regular firms, where the partners raise funds from institutions such as pension funds, banks, university endowments or family offices, to corporate VC’s, where large corporations set aside a certain amount of cash to invest in start-ups and scale-ups in different phases of their development for a number of reasons, one of them being, that they don’t want to miss the boat on the next big thing. The truth is that there are advantages and...
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